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Whoop connects retailers to consumers

What’s The Problem?

Customers want a convenient, contextually relevant shopping experience that is efficient and offers engagement. The ability to track shoppers in stores is providing data and analytics to determine the most relevant use of mobile technology.

What Are The Benefits?

Mobile communications enables customer-identification, opt-in rewards, couponing, location-based messaging, comparison shopping, social interaction,  personalized web, point-of-sale, and in-store selling by providing consumers with dynamic product offers before, during, and after the visit to a store.

Increase customer loyalty by effective/timely marketing strategies which results in increased profitability

  • Messaging via text
  • Read email in store
  • Scan products promotion offers
  • Couponing usage
  • Mobile pay options
  • Product knowledge look up
  • Locate shopping list in store
  • Track self-serve shopping cart
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