Whoop Wireless makes mobile devices work inside buildings all the time!

DAS Stats


Why Whoop Wireless

  • Whoop Wireless brings to the DAS market a new class of ENTERPRISE ERA SOLUTIONs created specifically for the Middleprise.

  • The Whoop system utilizes proprietary technology and a radically different architecture to compete in functionality and effectiveness with the expensive large footprint DAS systems, while ensuring safeguards that all but eliminate the risk of network interference, even though OTA signal.

  • Whoop is clearly the “best value” solution for building owners, as it provides excellent coverage for subscribers, protects the carrier’s network and does all this at an installed cost well below the traditional DAS systems. 

DAS Stats

The Whoop Wireless​ system works as follows:

  • Step 1A source, such as an outdoor cell tower or base station provides the signal to the building and is captured  through a donor antenna for over the air (OTA) connection into the head end OR direct connection from a small base station.
  • Step 2Whoop Wireless's intelligent head-end receives and conditions the signal for distribution throughout the building.
  • Step 3 - The wireless signal is transported via cabling throughout the building to a network of real time bi-directional communicating nodes (amplifiers)
  • Step 4The nodes serve their respective antennas which provide mobile broadband and cellular coverage to the end users.


How it works

  • The Whoop system is a distributed network of active coverage nodes controlled by an intelligent head-end.  The head-end simultaneously supports mobile communication services from multiple carriers.   The product is connected to donor antennas that are normally roof mounted to capture the strongest mobile RF signals available, or can also support a small cell connection.  The signals are transmitted from the donor antennas into the head-end where the signals are filtered, balanced to correct near and far tower signals, amplified, and transmitted to each of the coverage nodes within the building. Each coverage node has a linear and ultra-low noise amplifier that supports voice, texting, and demanding data centric applications providing a very scalable in-building network.

  • The head-end is a fully programmable device that can adjust uplink and downlink signaling as well as providing feedback on donor antenna positioning.  During idle mode, or in a state where no uplink signal is present, the uplink gain on the head-end is lower than the maximum gain to reduce electronic noise output. When an uplink signal is present, the output power is adjusted accordingly as needed for power level control required for a variety of communication protocols.  The head-end works in conjunction with a network of intelligent active coverage nodes and associated donor antennas.


Whoop Is The Only DAS Provider That Offers

    Active Intelligent DAS- NOT a Passive Repeater           

  • Active System

Each antenna is amplified at the antenna location by a powered coverage node to compensate for any cable loss

  • Intelligent 

Head-end and all coverage nodes are intelligent programmable devices that communicate in real-time with each other

  • Powerful

Strong and uniform effective radiating power throughout the structure

  • Ultralow Noise 

Uses linear and ultra-low noise amplifiers inside each node minimizing the noise at the antenna and the collective system

  • Small Cell Source 

Can accept signal from OTA and or small cells, or both simultaneously

  • All Major Carriers

Supports VZW, ATT, TMO and Sprint

  • Ease of Installation

Initial and continuous automatic self-optimization

  • Foot Print

Complete head-end is 8.25”x 10”x 2.5”, AC 120V, no racks or HVAC required

  • Low Cost

System has most features of traditional suppliers, but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Middleprise

First product built from the ground up to satisfy the needs of the Middleprise; intelligent, low power, total remote control and low cost